Statement issued by the Constituent Council for the Federal System in Rojava/Northern Syria

To the regional and global public opinion, and that of Syria:

Following the appeal made by the General Coordination of Democratic Self-Administration Areas (Al Jazira, Kobane and Afrin), all political forces, parties, and social organisations in these regions and in the regions liberated from terrorist organisations (El Chahba) held a meeting with the aim of obtaining a global political perspective for the resolution of the Syrian crisis. We, the representatives of these regions, met from the 16th to the 17th of March 2016. We commemorate with immense respect and recognition the martyrs of our peoples, who are writing with their blood and sacrifices the most heroic resistance in history. They have brought our people to the milestone that they are at today.

This meeting resulted in the following decisions:

1. A future Syria will be for all Syrian peoples. The establishment of a democratic federal system based on the participation of all components of society will obtain it.

2. To work towards the implementation of a democratic federal system for Rojava.

3. The co-presidence of the Constituent Council were elected and the organisational committee of 31 members was founded.

4. The organisational committee will, within six months, prepare a social contract and develop an extensive political and legal concept for the system.

5. All the committees and documents emerging from the Council recognise the declaration of the individual and collective rights by the United Nations, which will ensure the construction of a democratic societal system. The participants of this meeting also emphasise the importance of the relation to Syria and see this new system as part of it. Meanwhile, they recognise the principles of peace and fellowship of all peoples of this region and try to bring forward this project for the service of everyone.

6. The federal system is based on the freedom of women. Women have the right to equal participation and full decision-related responsibilities in relation to female issues. Women will be represented as equals in all spheres of life, including all social and political aspects.

7. The people and communities living in the federal system in Rojava can develop their political, economical, social, religious, and cultural democratic relations with whom they see fit, within the regional and international plane, provided that this relationship does not interfere with the objectives and interests of the Syrian federal democratic system.

8. All the regions liberated from terrorist organisations have the right to participate in the democratic federal system of Rojava.

9. The objective of the democratic federal system of Rojava within the regional level will be the establishment of a democratic federation in the Middle East and the development of democratic principles of all political, economical, and cultural domains. If we surpass the national borders of the states it will be possible to live in peace, fellowship, and safety.

10.The establishment of a democratic federal system will guarantee the unity of Syrian territories.

To all people in Syria, Kurdistan, and Rojava, and to all communities and social classes: Today, we live in an historic time where Syria has been subdued to fragile conditions. Millions of people have been displaced, hundreds of thousands have been killed, and the country´s infrastructure has suffered great damage. Despite all of this, we have witnessed in the course of the last few years the emergence of a well developed endeavour, defended by the blood of martyrs which helped to obtain the achievements and victories in this period. It is a great opportunity to
establish a democratic federal system in Rojava; we are convinced and are confident that this model will offer a solution to the Syrian crisis.

On the basis of the decisions which we have taken, we call firstly for women, who represent a new and free life, as well as the youth, workers, and all communities and other social sectors to become interested and participate in this and organise yourselves according to these ideas. Equally, we call out to all democratic and progressive humanitarian forces to support our efforts.

Yes to common determination, communal life, and the fellowship between peoples.

Founders Council of the Federal Democratic Union of Rojava/Northern Syria.

17th March 2016

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